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Clinton Pattern Works, Inc
A Family Owned and Operated Company

Jim Heninger with current owners Tim and Jim in front of the shop.

    Clinton Pattern was founded in 1941. For seventy years, we have specialized in wood, metal and plastic pattern tooling for the foundry industry. Our own foundry produces prototype, and short to medium quantity castings for many industrial applications. Clinton Pattern represents a considerable pool of experience in all aspects of the pattern and foundry industry.
     In 1969, James Heninger, Sr.  purchased Clinton Pattern and started building our reputation for quality, price and delivery. He was able to build the tooling shop from a one man operation to a growing concern with five to seven full time pattern makers. With his 48 years of pattern making experience, James Sr. continuously trained apprentices to fullfill his labor needs.
     In 1974, his operations required expansion. Clinton Pattern was moved to its' current address, which enabled the pattern shop to expand and increase its storage for customer pattern equipment.
     James Heninger, Sr. retired in 1994, at which time he sold the business to his two sons. James and Tim Heninger, both journeyman pattern makers, with the combined experience of over 50 years in the pattern and foundry industry. Under this new management, the company continues to maintain the values and business ethics Clinton Pattern has come to be known for.
    When James and Tim took over Clinton Pattern, they also founded Clinton Foundry, to better service their customer base. Employment has grown to 16-18 employees. Clinton Pattern continues its' proud family tradition, which is appreciated in today's business climate.

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