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Clinton Pattern's Owners
and Office Support Staff
A tradition of excellence based on hard work and initiative.

James Heninger, President

James Heninger
     Jim is Clinton Pattern and Foundry's President. He grew up working with his Father in the pattern shop, and learned the business from the ground up. After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a business degree, he started to work full time. With 29 years experience, he has acheived the expertise and knowledge to provide outstanding customer service and support. 

Kim Heninger, office manager

Kim Heninger  
     Kim is the office manager for Clinton Pattern and Foundry. Her knowledge of the workings of the company is invaluable. Customer support with a sincere attitude and helpfulness are a major asset to the company. Kim's two daughters, Angela and Tiffany are both attending college.

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Tim Heninger, Vice-President

Tim Heninger  
     Tim is Clinton Pattern and Foundry's Vice President. He is "hands on" upper management. He oversees the pattern shop and foundry operations, utilizing over 25 years of experience on the trade. His engineering experience is very vaulable, especially in the foundry applications. His work ethic and dedication reflect the best of the family tradition. His son, Tyler is now carrying on the family tradition, and is working at the company.

Dan Flahie, Head of Sales

Dan Flahie  
     Dan is Clinton Pattern and Foundry's latest addition to the team. Dan is the head of sales, and spends time on both outside and inside sales. Dan previously worked on sales in the hydraulic and pneumatic product lines. His experience in the industrial sector is very important to our customer base.  Dan has a wife of almost 30 years and three sons, all of which have moved forward and are very successful.

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