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Precision Patterns
Wood, metal and styrofoam Patterns
custom crafted by our five Journeyman Patternmakers.

Clinton Pattern has the experience that counts. For over a half a century, we have specialized in wood, styrofoam and metal patterns, castings, protopypes and models.
     If you are in the conceptual design state, Clinton Pattern can help you achieve reality and the quality you demand. We can work from existing models or revise your pattern equipment to improve the casting capability of your part. Because of our history of reliability, Clinton Pattern customers often utilize our capabilities of full resposibility for patterns, castings and machining.
     Low cost tooling and patterns for prototypes with complex core work, competitive piece pricing, short lead time, excellent finish detail, close cast tolerances, versatile material alloys and short run production quantities are all Clinton Pattern strongpoints.

If you would like more information on the patterns we can provide, click here to contact us.


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