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Other Valued Employees
of Clinton Pattern and Foundry

Clinton Pattern Employees


Scott Hubbard
  Scott began his pattern making career at Clinton Pattern Works as an apprentice in 1984. Attention to detail and an interest in making sure his patterns are built correctly have made Scott a detail oriented and conscientious employee.  Scott has twenty five years of experience in wood patterns, makes him an asset to the shop. Scott is married and has a son and a daughter.


John Western
  John began his pattern career as an apprentice in a model shop starting in 1984. As a supplement to his apprenticeship, John continued to take classes in mathematics. In 2000, he came to Clinton Pattern, bringing with him, extensive experience in styrofoam patterns. John works with both wood and styrofoam and continues to provide valuable labor to the shop. John is married with two sons. We welcome his son back from his tour of duty in Iraq.


Ricardo Escobar

  The youngest of Clinton Pattern's five journeyman pattern makers, Rico took his apprenticeship at Clinton Pattern and earned his journeyman status in August of 1998. Rico prides himself on his organizational skills and uses them to keep the shop in order.


Mike Burkhardt

  Currently in his fourth year as an apprentice at Clinton Pattern, Mike has his hands in many aspects of the day to day workings of the shop. Mike handles shipping of patterns and castings, sands and paints work done by the other pattern makers and does some simple pattern making as needed. Mike enjoys his job because there is always something new to do or learn, and he finds it particularly interesting to see how things are made.

Clinton Foundry Employees
Five of the current foundry workers.

Harold Bunce

  Harold has worked in the foundry industry for over 60 years. He was apprenticed at Alloy Foundries learning to work with all kinds of molds and different metals.Harold is the foundry superintendent, overseeing all aspects of the work done at Clinton Pattern's Foundry, from making molds and cores, to pouring castings, to finishing and shipping the completed product. Harold has a staff of five to assist him in the foundry.

Kevin Bunce

  Kevin is Harold's son, and brings an additional 25 years experience to the foundry. Kevin is in charge of all cleaning operations performed on the casting poured in the foundry.

Joseph (Tank) Wells
  Tank runs the furnace and pours the castings at the foundry. With help from Harold and owner Tim Heninger, he oversees the proper metalurgical mixes.

Will and Chris Sandy

  Will and Chris work with the sand, making the molds and prepping for the pours. Chris also performs all of the maintenance on equipment in the foundry.


Tyler Heninger

  Tyler is one of the newest employees of Clinton Pattern and Foundry. The son of Tim Heninger, Tyler is learning the business starting at the bottom. Currently he works in the foundry making cores and assisting in the pours.